(Less Than) 24 Hours at Bear Island, October 2015

After finally camping at Bear Island last October, I promised myself I'd go every October for as long as I can.  So a few months ago, I grabbed one of the few available sites left on an October weekend and crossed my fingers that the weather would cooperate.  Thankfully it did.  I had Friday, 10/23 off, but ran into an unexpected conflict.  So instead of arriving in early afternoon, I made the final passenger ferry with 15 minutes to spare.   I think next year I will plan to spend two nights.

Dock on Bear Island after a quick 15 minute boat ride

A nice shell washes up as the tide goes out just before sunset


plenty of light from the almost full moon, notice the shadows

illuminated tent with the marsh and glow of Swansboro in the background

the glowing horizon about 20 minutes before sunrise


messing around with the remote trigger and self timer

campsite #8 (not my favorite) just before tear down and packing up

the walk back along the beach before heading inland toward the boat dock...so few people even at noon

and the passenger ferry arrives with visitors and will return with me to the mainland