Fall Back....Reset

I pretty much hate it getting dark so early after the end of Daylight Savings time, but there is one silver lining. It gets light early enough (at least for now) for me to get out and exercise before I start working. I don't like to run in the dark so being able to run at 7am again is a big plus. After joining the Y in the summer, I've really been pretty haphazard about exercise plans. I went from 3 runs a week last fall, to 2 runs a week + 3 days of bootcamp in the winter/spring, to kind of whatever after that. I took various classes, did some stuff on my own, used the elliptical and treadmills at the Y, etc. Then I kind of skated thru September (vacation 'month') and October (birthday 'month') with random days of exercise before trying to get back into a groove.

I decided I'd try to focus on being able to run a 10k and downloaded a new app on my phone and tried to jump in at the point where you can run a 5k. I'd been running mostly on the Y's treadmills and found that running on the street was more difficult (naturally) which was frustrating since that's all I did for my first 8 months. So, a long way around to finally decide to use this program and start from the beginning. The program varies a little than my C25K I did last fall so I figured I'll just do the whole thing from the start and get back into the groove of running in the mornings (which I was faithful in doing for over 6 months). I'll also be able to do some stuff at the Y in the evenings, but I'll have to figure out if that's classes or something else.

So, Week 1 Day 1 was today and talk about a confidence boost! It's definitely nice to not be starting from "the couch".
(iPhone photo)