Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Carmel, CA

This was quite a place, just a few miles south of Carmel. My only wish was that sun had come out sooner as it was a pretty grey and dreary (and cold!) morning. Still a great way to spend a morning and picnic lunch. Seeing all the various shades of blue/green water, but no sunlight to illuminate it was a little bit of a bummer.

The Reserve is full of hiking trails, all relatively short and connecting to the various parking areas, so it was easy to pick and choose. We were still sore from our hike in Yosemite a few days prior, so it was nice to have some choices. On the rock off shore in the photo below, you can see that it was covered with Commorants. They are pretty tiny in this photo showing how big these rock formations are (all photos taken with a rented 10-22 Canon lens)

You can see the variety of paths in the next two photos.

carmel_2013_076 carmel_2013_078

Here's two photos that were taken with my iPhone. Not sure why I didn't take a photo with another camera, it was a really nice picnic area within Point Lobos and the sun was finally coming out. We'd picked up a deli sandwich from Bruno's in Carmel on a morning walk shared it here while we enjoyed our last few minutes at Point Lobos.
2013-09-10 15.57.37