Humpback Whales in Monterey Bay

We had no intentions of taking a whale watching cruise on our trip to California in September. I'm not exactly sure why, but probably because I generally presumed it would be time consuming, have limited results, and I might get sea sick. We ended up with an extra day due to the Rim Fire sending us from Yosemite a day early. After spotting whales off the coast while touring Big Sur, I stumbled on an article that was published the previous day about the fantastic viewing opportunities to see whales. So off to Monterey we went the next morning. It was fantastic. It wasn't very long (2 hours or so), we so dozens of whales, and I didn't get seasick at all (I did take Dramamine).

This is a bit of crop so a little fuzzy, but what a fantastic moment to witness!


I don't think this photo does a good job of showing just how huge the whales are, but maybe a bit with the other boat in the background and the large group of seals surrounding it.


Maybe this one is a bit better for the whale/boat size comparison.